Angela and Emily Fisher (SloFlo Fitness)

Since December 2012, I am so happy to be collaborating with the Fisher sisters of SloFlo, I can't tell you how much people have have benefited from the prefitness and fitness classes they teach at Ethos, and the energy and knowledge they bring every time. Angela and Emily currently teach two classes per week at Ethos:

Restorative MobilityRestorative Mobility consists of circular joint mobilization exercises from head to toe designed to melt residual tension & open up ranges of motion that have been lost over time. We will show you how to use movement as a vehicle to increase longevity, prevent & recover from injury, & maintain flow. You’ll leave feeling light & energized with a new-found appreciation & perspective of movement as a means of wellness.

Clubbell AthleticsClubbells utilize weight swinging in all planes, as opposed to conventional, linear weight lifting. This causes your muscles to fire off in patterns synced with your breathing to develop optimal strength, awareness, confidence, & reclaim your innate flow.

For the full fitness class schedule at Ethos, please click here.

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Offer coaching to enable others to access their own inherent greatness using health-first fitness practices designed to provide flow, longevity, wellness, & confidence.


Core Values

  • Health & longevity – Far beyond living long, but living well; a life full of vitality and purpose.
  • Technique – Insisting on the highest quality of movement using incremental progression for achieving ones goals to prevent setbacks & enhance psychosomatic balance.
  • Intuition & living in the moment – Trusting oneself enough to fully embrace the present tense as the most relevant/important time.
  • Recovery/adaptability – Having the resilience and flexibility needed to be able to recuperate in the most efficient manner and modify/adjust to attain the most optimal outcome.
  • Leading from the front – Always practicing what you preach and holding yourself accountable to the highest standards.
  • Personal flow – Participating in the synergistic & harmonic connection between oneself and the universe.


Owner Bios

Angela Fisher-CST Head Coach & TACFIT Team Leader

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Angela has always enjoyed an active lifestyle on the Central Coast. Her father instilled an appreciation for nature at an early age. Family tradition consisted of snowboarding trips to Lake Tahoe and backpacking the Sierras. Angela played competitive soccer growing up. But above all, she loved to dance. Although she doesn’t bragg much about it today, you’d often find her dancing nonstop for hours & hours to the likes of Paula Abdul.

Angela was introduced to Circular Strength Training & TACFIT by a band of brothers known as the Wolf Pack. Something clicked & she instantly resonated with this unique fitness approach, especially it’s focus on quality movement & the ability to recover and adapt. After diligent training for about 1 year, Angela unintentionally kicked over 13 years of anti-depressants to the curb, leaving behind a mindset limited by the confines of dependent health. She had always hoped one could access health & longevity through a means self-care, and now she knew it was possible.

She immersed herself in study & practice for several years & became the first female TACFIT Team Leader & CST Head Coach in 2012. Today, Angela enjoys sharing the health & fitness practices that unlocked access to her flow. She & her sister Emily are dedicated to promoting health-first fitness culture both locally & globally and are involved in many groups & teams with the same vision. They are currently focused on efforts to both launch & restore the Clubbell as a primary fitness tool.

  • Certifications:
  • §Circular Strength Training® Coach (Level I)
  • §Circular Strength Training® Coach (Level II)
  • §Circular Strength Training® Head Coach (Level III)
  • §TACFIT® Field Instructor (Level I)
  • §TACFIT® Team Leader (1st woman in the world)


  • Emily Fisher -CST Head Coach & TACFIT Field Instructor 
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As a San Luis Obispo native, Emily has always been a very active person. She played competitive tennis and soccer in to her college years and has always enjoyed the athletic lifestyle the Central Coast has to offer. Some of her favorite activities include hiking the pristine mountain trails of Montana de Oro, biking the gorgeous country back-roads, and surfing the picture-perfect breaks of our coastline. Over the last several years she has had the privilege of competing in the SLO Triathlon along with her sister and Mother.

Emily believes that movement is one of the most powerful personal outlets one can develop. She has seen the transcending effects it can have not only in her own life, but in the lives of others. As a practitioner of self-study, Emily has always taken the pursuit of knowledge and personal evolution very seriously. It is CST’s unique perspective of HEALTH-FIRST FITNESS and functional muscle development that has inspired Emily’s dedication to this particular fitness system. Her introduction into Circular Strength Training was a very personal one. After seeing firsthand the transformation her sister, Angela Fisher was undergoing in her own life, she was compelled to follow suit and formalize her newfound love of CST.

Emily is a high school foreign language teacher by trade, whose entry into the profession (shortly before one of the worst educational crisis’s the state has ever faced), has left her grateful to have discovered a new faucet to share with others. Teaching has always been her passion, and helping others progress towards achieving their own personal greatness could not be more rewarding. Emily understands that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably intertwined. Developing and maintaining healthy movement will take one’s soul and mental state to new heights. She believes it is our divine right to operate our body and our lives with grace and poise, and has made it her mission to facilitate this in others. Her formal training as an educator, combined with her enthusiasm for movement, make her a tremendous asset to SloFloFitness & the health-first fitness community.

  • Certifications:
  • §Circular Strength Training® Coach (Level I)
  • §Circular Strength Training® Coach (Level II)
  • §Circular Strength Training® Head Coach (Level III)
  • §TACFIT® Field Instructor (Level I)